Alicia Milligan

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Member since Jan 14, 2021
Alicia Milligan
Alicia Milligan is a native Portlandian and received her academic training in Geography and GIS from Portland State University. She has a strong passion for GIS and human geography, as well as teaching. Her master’s research incorporates both of these fields of geography using public participation GIS to map Sense of Place in Mt. Hood National Forest. Additionally, Alicia loves the design aspect of cartography and has been an integral team member in publications such as Upper Left Cities and disaster resilience projects from the 2015 Nepal earthquakes. Alicia’s diverse interests bring valuable insight and resources for guiding students with their academic interests. Outside of teaching, Alicia is well connected with the Portland GIS community and holds a board member position with ORURISA Emerging Professionals. As an adjunct instructor at PCC, Alicia hopes that her passion for geography and GIS will inspire students to explore the many possibilities this field has to offer.
Level of Education:
Years of Experience:
5 - 10 years
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